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Social Events

Social Affairs are an endless array of all types of celebrations. From Birthdays to Religious celebrations to house parties and everything in between, everyone loves to celebrate!  Details make the difference from a casual party to a spectacular event. Creating something for your guests to remember for a lifetime is an exciting challenge. (more…)

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Vendors come in nearly every price-range, style and personality type. If you are working with a wedding planner, they will provide you with an ultimate variety of great vendors. For most couples, their wedding day will be the most expensive day of their life and you will need guidance to manage your overall budget.  Even with a referral, (more…)

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Corporate Affairs

Corporate Events and Launches are a great way to focus on your brand and your clients. No one does it better than a professional producer. Ideas, concepts, designs are something these planners skillfully coordinate to execute exactly what their clients desire to accomplish their goals. Results are critical for repeat business (more…)

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Destination Weddings: An Underutilized Market If you are a Wedding Professional, there may be a very lucrative market that you are either missing entirely, or not utilizing to its fullest potential. I am talking about Destination Weddings. Here are some facts that you may not be aware of: • 16% of all marriages are Destination Weddings; and • The Destination Wedding market accounts for $16 billion in annual spending. Now, do I have your attention? Not only is this a very lucrative market, but your clientele will likely be repeat … read more >


Red Carpet Events are very exciting to produce. With everything from venue selection, to the most outrageous themes it all about over the top doing it up right. When deciding on the details you can only imagine the thought process that goes into planning an event such as the red carpet events the details are critical because your audience is the big names in the business. You only get one chance to get it right so the preparation is critical for the success of an event such as this. Things … read more >


Surprisingly enough, a cruise wedding can be very affordable. Choosing to be married on a cruise ship is one way to combine many wedding and honeymoon expenses. An advantage of a cruise wedding is much of the planning and stress can be eliminated. When you purchase a wedding package, you are also purchasing the services of an event planner that will be responsible for the majority of the details of the wedding. 1 Decide whether you want a destination wedding that takes place during the cruise, or a ceremony that … read more >